Echanges linguistiques ou échange de maison .

Une façon de concevoir l'échange humain .

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1. MeilaZic  le 13-04-2010 à 14:55:06  (site)

hmm, i don't know if you are an english settle in France or a French want to speak english, but I comment in english.
I feel that photography is beautiful with water in the background and flowers in the foreground bring a touch of color.

2. Yamawashikagueri  le 13-04-2010 à 15:08:59  (site)


3. MeilaZic  le 13-04-2010 à 15:13:13  (site)

Poor little boy, the boy it's KAFF, it's him who write in chinese.

4. Doblivodka  le 13-04-2010 à 15:13:23  (site)

Jest to z Table Mountain, Oroville, kilka tygodni temu. The flowers were just starting to come out there. Kwiaty zaczynają się tam. Now they should be quite spectacular there, I imagine. Teraz powinny one być dość spektakularne tam, mogę sobie wyobrazić.

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Next door .


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The next door place to train our horse .



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